Walking Dead: Can animals get the virus in The Walking Dead?

THE WALKING DEAD is going to be coming back later this year as fans of the AMC zombie series will finally get to watch the season 10 finale, which was postponed. Some fans have been wondering about the zombie infection in the drama and whether animals can get the virus which turns them into members of the undead. Daily Express :: TV and Radio Feed

The Walking Dead season 10 theories: Carol will be kicked out of the group after betrayal

THE WALKING DEAD showcased some of the most brutal storylines it has ever used in season ten, and season 11 is surely going to be even worse, as the community strives to rebuild Alexandria and Hilltop after they were attacked – but does this mean Carol Peletier is going to be ostracised after her involvement in the event is outed? Daily Express :: TV and Radio Feed

The Walking Dead theories: Michonne comeback teased with new character as actor drops hint

THE WALKING DEAD viewers were devastated when they witnessed Michonne leaving her family and friends to continue her search for Rick Grimes earlier this season. Although the wasteland warrior’s exit was certainly emotional, she may be making a return in the coming months as an AMC colleague has spoken out about their own return. Daily Express :: TV and Radio Feed