Rick and Morty season 4 theories: Rick to see huge religious change

RICK AND MORTY has delved into some theological problems over the four seasons so far and has even made a point to show off Rick Sanchez defying any form of deity. However, fans have been theorising what may come next in the show, and some think he may turn to God in the coming episodes. Daily Express :: TV and Radio Feed

Power theories: Huge clue confirms Ghost is alive – and no one questioned it

POWER season six featured the shock shooting of James St Patrick – also known as Ghost – and it was revealed in the series finale his son Tariq was the one who pulled the trigger. But despite seeing Ghost bleed out on the floor of Truth, fans have pointed out there’s one major clue which suggests Ghost isn’t dead at all. Daily Express :: TV and Radio Feed

Riverdale season 4 theories: Series to end with shock musical twist

RIVERDALE season four is currently testing fans’ patience, with another episode not on the way for an additional two weeks. With plenty of questions remaining unanswered, some fans think they may have figured out how the finale will go down. Daily Express :: TV and Radio Feed