World War Three: Safest bunkers to hide in UK if North Korea deploys nuclear weapon

NORTH KOREA and its leader Kim Jong Un have long been considered a threat to global peace. As the dictator warns of a new “strategic” nuclear weapon, could World War Three be a terrifying possibility? If the worst does happen, these are just a few of the nuclear bunkers in the UK built to hide out in. Daily Express :: Travel Feed

India-Pakistan war: Devastating impact of ‘suicidal’ nuclear war – revealed

INDIA and Pakistan are currently embroiled in an extremely hostile relationship, following military confrontation on the border. But, the countries on-going difficult relationship was analysed back in the 1980’s where scientists feared nuclear warfare between the countries would have a devastating impact on the planet. Daily Express :: News Feed

Iranian president announces another break from nuclear deal

Iran’s president announced on Tuesday that Tehran will begin injecting uranium gas into 1,044 centrifuges, the latest step away from its nuclear deal with world powers since U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew from the accord over a year ago. CBC | World News