The Walking Dead season 10 spoilers: Daryl’s fate was teased by Beth back in season 4

THE WALKING DEAD has portrayed a dramatic tenth season so far, and fans are eager to see how it progresses going into 2020. But as the characters find themselves in increasingly dangerous situations, not everyone is guaranteed to get out alive. However Daryl Dixon’s future may have already been revealed back in season four by Beth Greene. Daily Express :: TV and Radio Feed

You season 2: Will Bettleheim’s real fate revealed – will he return to rescue Joe?

YOU season 2 returned to Netflix on Boxing Day and theories are already flooding in after Joe Goldberg was seen in his big move to Los Angeles to start again after murdering a good handful of people in New York in season one. One theory includes the man who helped Joe to start his new life – Will Bettelheim. Daily Express :: TV and Radio Feed