Pension Credit: Can you receive further income in retirement? Key dates to be aware of

STATE PENSION age is rising in the UK. Currently, under changes being made to the 2011 Pensions Act, the state pension age is scheduled to reach 66 by October 2020. Beyond this, the state pension is expected to increase to 67 between 2026 and 2028. However, there are some closer dates that pensioners should be aware of. Daily Express :: Finance Feed

Universal Credit: What is a ‘claimant commitment’ and how can it affect payments?

UNIVERSAL CREDIT is a very tailored system for those who use it. Generally, what is offered is dependant on the claimants specific circumstances. These circumstances and other details are covered in what is known as a claimant commitment. This document is essentially a contract that an applicant must adhere to, if not payments could be reduced or cancelled. Daily Express :: Finance Feed

Universal Credit: Man sleeps in a park amid struggle to live on £262 a month

UNIVERSAL CREDIT was put under the spotlight tonight during the BBC Two programme Universal Credit: Inside the Welfare State. During the first episode of the three-part series, a man, who was left sleeping in a park, discussed his struggle to live on a payment of £262 per month. Daily Express :: Finance Feed