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How to live longer: The surprising beverage that’s been proven to increase life expectancy

HOW TO live longer: The age old question of how to boost longevity has brought up numerous studies and research on this topic. Many suggest it comes down to the foods you eat, while others argue it’s more to do with the amount of exercising you do. Scientists now believe a certain beverage could hold the key to good health. What is it? Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed

Got an Apple iPhone? Here are all the Best Apps YOU need to install right now

IF YOU own an Apple iPhone, and are looking for some more apps and games to keep you buy over the Christmas period – rejoice! Apple has handpicked its favourite apps and games for iPhone, iPad and Mac. The Best Apps awards was held in New York earlier this week, with the full list of winners now available. Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed

Property: Are you at risk of a home improvement scam? Top 10 tips to spot fraudsters

PROPERTIES during the festive season can be at risk from home improvement scams – so how can you keep yoursef safe? The Trades’ Coach and bestselling author Alison Warner has revealed her top 10 hacks to beat home improvement scams after Trading Standards reported a rise in organised gangs targeting homeowners. Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed

Property: How much would these famous houses from Christmas films and TV cost you today?

PROPERTY seen in films and in television programs can hold a particular soft spot for many Britons, especially at Christmas time. From the gorgeous detached house in Miracle on 34th Street to Kevin McAllister’s suburban Chicago townhouse in Home Alone – how much would the iconic Christmas TV and film houses set you back? Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed

Prostate cancer: How many times do you urinate in a day? Sign you could have cancer

PROSTATE cancer does not have any obvious symptoms in the early stages. A person can’t feel the growing tumour push up against anything else so there is no pain. The tumour does, however, increase the need for urination. How often you pee could be a warning sign of the deadly disease. How often do you pee and what is the normal amount? Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed