Sadie Robertson Makes A Pregnancy Promise To Fans In Response To ‘Rude’ Comments

Sadie Robertson speaks onstage at the 5th Annual KLOVE Fan Awards at The Grand Ole Opry

Sadie Robertson let her fans know that she does not appreciate it when they comment on the size of her stomach. On Friday, the 23-year-old Duck Dynasty star shared a series of videos on her Instagram stories that addressed the topics of pregnancy speculation and body image.

The videos in question can be viewed here until they expire. Sadie filmed them in response to the people who follow her on Instagram who keep suggesting that she looks pregnant in certain photos. She recently clapped back at one such commenter after sharing a photo of herself and her husband, Christian Huff, at a wedding. When the person remarked that she looked pregnant, she used just one word to explain that what the person was actually seeing was her “dinner.”

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