Linn Lowes Trains Flaunts Toned Figure In White Sports Bra And Blue Leggings While Training Glutes And Quads s

Linn Lowes snaps a selfie

Linn Lowes took to Instagram on Friday to show her 2.5 million Instagram followers how they can train both their glutes and quads with the same exercise.

Dressed in a pair of blue leggings and a white sports bra, Linn started her demonstration with lunges. On the left side of the clip, Linn showed techniques for targetting the glutes while demonstrating quad-focused variations on the right.

To train her quads, Linn took a large step forward before she bent both knees, stopping when her back knee was a short distance from the floor. The variation for the glutes required a much narrower step forward and unlike the other video, she allowed her front knee to push beyond her front foot as she bent it.

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