MLB’s Proposed Coronavirus Health Protocol Would Include 10K Tests Each Week, Social Distancing In Dugouts

A picture of Wrigley Field closed during the coronavirus outbreak.

Major League Baseball is taking steps toward starting its coronavirus-shortened season, but a draft report of the league’s proposed health protocol shows that it would come with significant restrictions including social distancing in the dugout and a slew of weekly tests.

As USA Today reported, the league sent a draft “2020 Operations Manual” to the Major League Baseball Players Association and shared with players on Saturday. The 67-page document reportedly outlines a number of rules put in place to prevent the spread of the virus, including a strict ban on fighting and restrictions against any form of contact between players, including high-fives and fist bumps. Spitting would be prohibited, meaning players wouldn’t be able to chew on sunflower seeds in the dugout. Players would also be told to shower at home after games rather than in the clubhouse.

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