Granger Smith Says He Feels Like A ‘Failure’ As A Father After His Son River’s Drowning Death

Granger and Amber Smith smile at the camera.

For country singer Granger Smith and his wife Amber Smith, 2019 was one of the hardest years of their lives. In June, they lost their 3-year-old son River from drowning after a tragic accident. Now Granger is looking back at the heartbreaking accident and says he’s still learning to cope. He also revealed that he at times feels like a “failure” as a father, according to Fox News.

Earlier this week, Granger and Amber celebrated their ten year anniversary. He posted a beautiful photo on Instagram of the pair kissing in front of their home in Georgetown, Texas, the sun illuminating them. He included a lengthy caption in which he reflected upon the highs and lows of the last ten years, complete with beautiful moments and unbearably painful moments. He described what he saw when he looks at the two people in the photo.

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