Florida Woman Emily Stallard Accused Of Building A Bomb In A Mason Jar At Walmart

outdoor signage of a walmart location

A Florida woman has been arrested after allegedly making a bomb out of a mason jar at Walmart, Tampa’s WFLA-TV reports.

Police were called to a Walmart in Tampa on Monday after a security guard took notice of a woman acting “suspiciously.” The guard says that he noticed the woman wandering “aimlessly” around the store for an hour or so, at times opening packages. Some of those packages included denatured alcohol, candles and nails.

Then, says the security guard, the woman combined the ingredients in front of a child, effectively making a bomb.

Fortunately, the guard had already called the police, and had recruited the help of an off-duty Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officer. Just as the woman was allegedly trying to light the candle — which could have possibly resulted in the bomb detonating — the two men stopped her and detained her until police could arrive.

As authorities escorted the woman out to the patrol car, she allegedly spit at them.

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