Miley Cyrus Home From The Hospital After Undergoing Surgery, Shares Selfie With Shirtless Beau To Celebrate

Miley Cyrus on the red carpet.

Miley Cyrus is out of the hospital, and she is celebrating by taking a selfie with her shirtless new boyfriend, Cody Simpson.

The singer revealed to fans via her Instagram stories earlier in the week that she had been taken to a hospital for tonsillitis. In the early morning hours on Thursday, Miley again took to her Instagram stories to reveal that she was home after undergoing surgery.

Miley posted a mirror selfie of herself together with shirtless beau, along with an update on her condition.

“She made it home,” the caption read, adding, “Recovering from surgery send all the vibes.”

Miley’s fans had gotten a very intimate glimpse of her time in the hospital as she shared videos of herself wearing a hospital gown and getting serenaded by her new man. The singer told fans that she was hoping to get out in time to attend this weekend’s Gorillapalooza festival, a charity concert that aims to raise money for global conservation efforts.

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